I wasn’t asked to a single dance in high school and didn’t have a serious romantic relationship until I was 22. And like, yeah that shit hurt when I was younger. I had a lot of fears that I was unlovable and that I didn’t deserve to be happy. And every time I would try to talk to anyone about it, the conversation became, “you’ll find someone”, when it should have been, “you don’t need a relationship or a date, you’re lovable & complete & beautiful on your own”.

So yeah, please normalize young people not dating, and please stop shaming them for it. There’s more to life than romance, despite what the media wants us to think.


Some of y’all need to read this shit and understand it fully








Transphobes on Twitter have started the tag #TransMenAreNotWomen.

No, that’s not a typo.

when you’re so transphobic you support trans people by accident but you don’t know enough about transness to course correct and it’s too late anyway

this reminds me of that one conservative Christian page that tried to be transphobic to a trans woman and ended up affirming her womanhood 😂

This had so many turning points I had to take 3 minutes to understand

reminds me of that one time when some transphobe popped up in my inbox to yell at me about now matter what i tryto do, i will never be a woman because its biologically impossible. im a trans guy.



I know a lot of lesbians that used to identify as bi who worried that coming out as a lesbian would contribute to invalidating bisexuality in some way, by making it seem like a “stepping stone” to coming out as gay. I’ve also known bi women who identified as lesbians and changed their labels later, and worried that they were contributing to some kind of idea about how men can ~turn lesbians. I just wanted to say that it’s no individual lesbian or bi women’s responsibility to fix straight people’s perceptions of us. Like, it’s not your duty to serve as a political symbol! It’s your duty to find happiness even if that means changing ur label at some points.