I wish you could block certain scenes from movies. Like if you want to avoid flashing lights or sex scenes or gore or suicide or other common triggering things. Streaming services should allow you to select if you want to skip these scenes in the settings.

I know they have warnings for those things but it would be awesome to watch a popular movie/show with one bad scene without having to predict or figure out exactly when you need to fast forward or cover your eyes.








tiny house hunters who keep commenting about the space being ‘a little cramped’ are going to be my actual cause of death

if you want more space have you considered: getting a real fucking house

food network hiatus has led the fandom to migrate over to hgtv and they do not like what they’ve found

Tonight on tiny house hunters, two twenty somethings buy a tree house for 2.4 million and gentrify the woods

They’re on a tight budget because he’s a lego brick painter who only makes $275k a year while she’s a bird counter at the local sanctuary and only makes $357k a year.

The husband needs a man cave in the tiny house or it’s a deal breaker. The couple finally chooses the smallest house that has nothing they wanted which costs the most money.