orange juice is the superior beverage bc it makes ur tongue feel like u ate a bunch of ants which reminds me of my childhood when I would put ants in my mouth and eat em except this time it tastes good too

Hey op I think you’re probably allergic to citrus?

is. this not what oj is supposed to make ur tongue feel like

I was talking to my ex about how kiwi fruit taste sweet but also burning. She looked confused so I elaborated, “You know, that tingly sensation you get when you eat kiwi and sometimes your lips and tongue swell a bit?”

“I think artistry is good, but it isn’…

“I think artistry is good, but it isn’t as impressive as hard and dangerous skills and shouldn’t be awarded as such. Also stop using the name of the sport as an excuse to complain about the styles of gymnasts you don’t like. Artistic was just a word used to differentiate this sport from RG, and artistry itself is subjective anyway.”